SFX is a functional fitness training style developed in Australia that incorporates a range of dynamic and static exercises facilitated by only 2 pieces of exercise equipment, your body and the SFX bar.

SFX sessions are high intensity low impact, full of fun and high energy. 

Members will feel the difference within 3 weeks, and when combined with what you eat and when you eat it, members may see measured results within just 7 weeks.

All SFX training sessions are delivered by qualified SFX certified coaches. Group and online sessions draw from a range of over 60 exercises encouraging people of all ages and fitness level to participate in a safe, inclusive space.

SFX training will increase your physical core strength, flexibility and agility, impacting in every area of life.

World SFX has launched Get Fit Stay Fit, a training platform designed to empower people to take responsibility for their own well-being and exercise Whenever Wherever.