The SFX SupaFleXa is light, compact and user friendly. Sleek in shape and styling, it is the ideal training device wherever, whenever. The SupaFleXa is well priced starting @ just $49.95, and given its relatively light weight (each device only weighing approximately 1.5kg) it is an ideal portable piece of exercise equipment for all ages and fitness levels. The mobile PT could easily transport any number of these devices for group training sessions providing clients with added dynamic upper body training with easy to follow instructions. More portable than most exercise devices on the market today, the level of weight resistance the SupaFleXa provides will challenge people of any fitness level. The SupaFleX proves that great training tools need not be complex to be effective and that simplicity can be functional.

As an indication of the best unit for you to start with, the red SupaFleXa is the 20kg weight resistance device that can be used by both males and females who are in relatively good physical condition particularly suited to those looking to increase muscle tone and definition. The yellow (5kg), green (10kg) and red (20kg) are great for aerobic activity while the blue (35kg) and black (50kg) offer higher weight resistance for anaerobic muscle growth and supa-sets.

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SFX Features

The SupaFleXaa Product Description

Only 1.5kg in weight

68cm in length – easily fits into your kitbag

Metal spring resistance ranging from 5kg – 40kg

Hygienic gloss rubber finish

Non slip hand grips providing optimum grip

Velcro overhand straps for safety

Exercise sheet showing functional fitness movements

Full range of online instructional videos (Coming Soon)

Great feel and easy to use

Guaranteed to get results quickly

SFX Benefits

Total Body Workout

Cardiovascular Fitness

Resistance training

Endurance Training

Strength and Conditioning

Mobility Balance Flexibility

Fat Loss and Toning

Boost Your Metabolic Rate

Increase Muscle Strength Quickly